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The Library


Our library is a vast electronic database of legal content bordering varying subjects from Judgments to Case summaries and legislations. Our service is backed by practising lawyers with experience and dedication to maintain content in the most accurate form as well as keep it up to date as possible.

If you think you have found something that should be in the library or has not been properly represented, kindly drop us an email at your earliest convenience.


Our Judgments contain over 1500 unique records and still growing, this content is maintained on a daily basis by our ever dedicated staff.

You will find judgments dating as far back as the year 2000 covering the Supreme court and the Court of Appeal with as much detail as possible; the judgments contain the indexes, the issues, facts, ratio as well as the parties involved in the dispute.

Access to all judgments require an active subcription to the service.


All content in the system is searchable and sortable, our growing database of legisations covers legislation from Federal to State legislations reaching as far back as 1914; vis-a-vis the Marriage Act of 1914.

We also take into consideration, Legislations that contain subsidiaries and have tried our best to document them as accurately as possible. Some legislations contain several parts, with such legislations, we have properly grouped and categorised them for easy retrieval and understanding.

Access to the full bouquet of legislations require an active subscription with askthelawyer online.

Journal Articles

Aside from providing electronic repositories of existing legal content in the form of Judgments and Legislations, we recognise and have opened up the library to the legal community by providing access to Journals and Articles written by lawyers from different cadres. If you have an article that you wish published, kindly feel free to contact us.

Registered members are required to subscribe to gain access to all content from these articles

Our subscription plans will give you 30 days unlimited online acccess only for N3,000 or 90 days unlimited paper and online access at N13,500 or 365 days unlimited paper and online access at N50,000.

Rules of Court

The growing database or rules of court covers a series of courts, agencies, topics etc. some of which include Companies and Allied Matters (Fees) Regulations 2003,Fundamental Right (Enforcement Procedure) Rules 2009, MARRIAGE ACT (DELEGATION OF POWERS) NOTICE L.N. OF 1973 amongst several others.

As at the time of writing, all orders contained by these rules have been well documented and are searchable by you.

Access to the full bouquet of the rules of court require an active subscription with askthelawyer online.

Case Summaries

Just like Journal Articles, we welcome case summaries from established legal minds that help to provide another angle with indepth analysis of past cases.

We have found that case summaries are a valuable tool in the hand of the researcher and or student trying to find that bit of information to help win a case and or finish up that assigment. Case summaries also help to provide straight to the point, matter of fact representation of a case without all the other unecessary content.

This is a premium service and requires an active subscription for access.


We author a montly newsletter that updates our users on the goings on within the legal environment in Nigeria. The newsletter also provides a platform to engage our users in informal education sometimes outside the four corners of the legal society.

Newsletters are free for all our users and does not require you to subscribe.


The discussion forum provides a platform for our users to discuss, engage, interact on various issues, topics but formally and informally. Every registered member is able to post content and read content and comments from other users. Users may leverage the platform to get close to real time feedback on issues that may be challenging from people you have never met physically.

The discussion forum is free and open,it does not require a subscription.

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